List for Life: January

Like Christopher Owens, ima big fan of listin’ for life. Also like Christopher Owens, all i want is a suntan, a pizza and a bottle of wine. Also also like Christopher Owens, i’m a big fan of Mr. Pop, who is ALSO a fan of listin’ for life. Life is about cycles my friend.
One of those cycles is the Gregorian calender: introducing January.
Due to an unforeseeable bout of ‘getting-a-ping-pong-table-for-Christmas’, i didn’t post much in the January, so here is a list to make up for it.


5.  Whitest Boy Alive were on Take 5 with Zan Rowe, sharing bands from their hometown of Bergen, Norway. 2 stood out and i sneakily put them into my phone, WHILE DRIVING. EFF DA POLICE! but don’t really, unless you’re married to a police officer, then go for it.

Young Dreams give off a Cloud Control/Local Natives vibe, but with a dollop of poppy-synth. It’s catchy, the kind of effervescent music that brooding-respectable music critics pick apart and whinge about. But they don’t know squat! Or they know too much squat, more squat than us, in fact, maybe we’re squat-oblivious and that’s why we can enjoy this music instead of cutting ourselves to The Mary-Jesus Lizard Chain Experience (mashup idea. btw, i do really like JMAC, but i’m not crazy about TJL, they may grow on me, horrible album artworks though).

The video for Young Dreams’ song Young Dreams is about young dreams i guess. A bit too cutesy, instagrammy, but the bart mask and wiz-fiz hooks redeem it. Love it now, like it later, it’s one of those kinda faders, like a sugar high that the music is an embodiment of (now who’s the downer music critic! I’m getting the hang of it, i just have to get my snarl right).

Razika are a punchy little all-female group and if there song Vondt i hjertet translates to daytime-car-sex than the director wasn’t mucking about.

Plain and simple, i love this song. These saucy Scan-pans get it so very right, from the plucky guitars to the bah-da-da-da-da’s

4. I probably would’ve blogged about the hottest 100, done 50 top-tens about everything, but instead i’ll just post my favourite song from last year off my favourite album of last year, remember 2011?

3. Instead of breaking your dancing shoes in at Manning Bar, Metronomy insisted they we dance so hard the shoes were all like “i can’t take this shit” and just bailed hey.

Here’s my review i wrote for FasterLouder.

2. Royal Headache kept on popping up in all these Australian best-of lists with there self-titled (debut?) release, prompting a listen. Instantly rewarded, now one of my favourite Australian bands going around at the moment. If you’re going to The Black Keys concerts, make sure you get there early for these guys.

1. Dan Deacon at Sydney Festival. Just, wow.
It’s hard to write a review 8 months after the show, but from memory Dan (first name basis) turned a stiff, stern crowd into a raucous celebration machine. I’m convinced the man actually invented the idea and practice of fun, partying and happiness. He just shovels joy the whole set with his unknowingly manageable-yet-bombastic/psychotic music.
List of likely events to take place at a DD gig
-group interpretive dance circles
-whole-crowd-involvement people tunnel/ conga line thing
-full venue sprinting bodies with surprisingly few collisions
-euphoric, next level sweat
-strangers-turned-best-friends-turned back to strangers when music stops
He just sets fun and interaction at a whole new standard. And he’s really funny and conversational and i just wanna be friends with him.
Hanging out for his new album out sooooon