Gospel Gigs

Thinner wallets ahoy!
Disclaimer: If you’re saving your doll hairs, then feel free to read this post because no live show in their right mind would accept doll hair as a valid currency. But if you’re saving your dollars, then don’t torture yourself, unless you’re into that, OR unless you’re saving your dollars FOR CONCERTS!

We’ve well and truly entered that season of lineup announcement hysteria. Every email from frontier touring company, every festival post, every tweet clogging up my feed is punctuated by fan-girl screams and menacing laughs of debt collectors. So spend wisely and come to one of these wiv meeeee

Tofu-totin’ Smiths frontman, MORRISSEY, is coming! He’s doing an East Coast tour (take that Perth, ya jerks!) and Sydney has lucked out with 2 shows- one at Enmore, one at the Opera House. Recent reviews indicate that he’s still got IT and refuses to give IT back.
And with no new songs, this isn’t one of those shows where a haggard, creatively-zombified star-of-yester forces their recent ‘hits’ down your ear-stomach. The guy is 53 and still has a croon that could probably beat you at singstar AND would potentially get a Mark Holden touchdown. He’s also apparently retiring at 55, so it could be your last chance to see him.

Morrissey, Enmore Theatre 21st December, Sydney Opera House 22nd December, Price: Not sure, does it matter?
Presale tickets on the 24th September hereUPDATE: i wrote this a while back and it’s sold out, making this article pointless and potentially fuel for anger and vitriol (yew BlUeJuIcE!!).

Roy Orbison reincarnate, Alex Zhang Hungtai, aka, Dirty Beaches, is coming out for his debut Australian tour in February. He’ll bring his post-rockabilly hybrid creation reminiscent of Elvis with flecks of Joy Division to the FBi Social. Tickets here.

One half of The Go-Betweens, Robert Forster is playing at The Vanguard on November 9th and 10th. The brief says “For this very special show, his first after taking a year off from performance, Robert will be appearing solo and he shall be presenting a sparkling cross section of his catalogue – old, recent, borrowed, and new, to mark this occasion.” It’s off the back of a Go-Betweens Best Of, i can almost smell the Spring Rain. Tickets here.

RIP Grant McLennan

Remember my spruiking of Bored Nothing? Well he/they have been doing some shows, i missed the last one up here and i’m determined to not make the same mistake twice. He’s playing at the relaunch of Purple Sneakers’ new Sydney night ‘Discovery’ which Step-Panther are headlining. Not bad at all for $12. More info here


Gospel Gigs: Vivid: LIVE


Seekae are sleekae. For Seekae trims and doos, contact their management. Photo from Rice is Nice

I’m convinced Vivid: LIVE organisers are involved in some vertical integration plot with hysteria medication and credit card companies.
If their was a school subject called ‘get really good bands to come play in Australia at the opera house, oh but the opera house has to be lit up’ then they’d probably top their class, or at least get band fives or sumfin. But no, instead we’ve got maths and english; the BOS just don’ get it.

There’s a whole bunch of teeth-melting incredibility on the bill-bo baggins (that’s hobbit for bill), buuuuut my picks are as follows:

2 June. Tickets from $59.
3Delightful. Amon Tobin’s conquering audiovisual experience, nay, enlightenment.

BRYCE DESSNER, NICO MUHLY & SUFJAN STEVENS (USA) – A VIVID LIVE commission with The Barbican London & Muziekgebouw Eindhoven
28 – 30 May. Tickets from $59.
It doesn’t specify what kind of collaboration is going on here; my money is on sitcom or thank-god-you’re-here improv.

26 – 27 May. Tickets from $59.
Man oh man.

MODULAR NIGHT – Tom Vek , Jonathan Boulet & Kindness (UK, AUS)
26 May. Tickets $45.
Tom Vek can fit his full name on the screen when bowling. I don’t now who Kindness are but i’m wary of them and their duel citizenship.

27 May. Tickets $30.
Seekae! Sick aye? See (what i did there)kae? Sneekae. One of the best Australian bands going around at the mo.

Check out the full lineup (which includes Karen O, Temper Trap, Florence & the Machine, Zola Jesus, Efterklang and more), here.

Live Review: Bon Iver, Sydney Opera House 12/3/2012

Photo by Pepa Knight

Yep, it was just really, darn-tootin impressive. the sheer size, the quality, the craftsmanship. I did not expect my katy peri-peri burger from the paragon to be so, what’s the word i’m looking for, good. And for $12 on monday nights, it practically pays for itself.
Another thing that pays for itself are shares in Bon Iver- BUY! BUY! BUY! ((bye bye) Backstreet Boys reference – double points and brackets!)

From the burgeoning notes of Perth to the final howls of The Wolves, Justin Vernon and co. filled our cups until they overflowed and made a terrible mess everywhere. You’ve gone and spilled thick, viscous, musical greatness all over my new threads. For shame.

I’ll wrap this up because so far this review has been as coherent as Serene Branson.
-The sound was massive. With an entourage of 9 musical-hunks, including 2 drummers and the incredible Colin Stetson, the set’s all-encompassing wonder was about as grand as indie-folk can get.
-Justin was actually quite charming. My expectation was he’d be this stern, aloof, lovable grumpkin, but he was cracking good jokes and shared some amiable banter.
-At times, interludes between songs drifted into a controlled cacophony, but it never seemed out of their reach.
-Sorry but i gotta talk about Colin Stetson again. He did this 40-minute circular breathing sax solo that was part-trepid, part-harrowing and completely gripping. But my friend told me that prolonged circular breathing causes brain damage. He told me this after i tried my hand at it. Mr. Stetson will be hearing from my lawyer.
-DOWNERS –there weren’t many. Creature Fear wasn’t crash hot, but then again, what is ‘crash hot’? Also, i know a number of people who use Re: Stacks as a lullaby, spurring a little drowsiness, e.g my girlfriend who had a microsleep. New level of pertinence for Calgary’s “Don’t you cherish me to sleep”.
-HIGHLIGHTS –I know it’s not ‘cool’ to be all about the singles, but let’s be honest, it was all about the singles. Blood Bank was the first moment that gave me the ‘disney-movie tingles’ (you know, like in homeward bound when SPOILER ALERT shadow makes it home.) One of the best tracks last year, Calgary is the perfect showcase of Bon Iver’s change in direction and lyrical-prowess. Beth / Rest was also sick, all Phil Collins-y.

Finally, If the encore of Skinny Love and The Wolves was as esculent (dictionary.com’s word of the day) and as readily available as my peri-peri paragon burger, i would be one fat dude.
Bon Iverymuchenjoyedthatthankyou.