Harvest Timetable

This is beyond narcissistic, irrelevant and self-indulgent, but here is the Harvest Timetable and my schedule for the day.

You know it’s a quality festival when you’re even hard-pressed to decide which first band you’re gonna see. I’m split between Winter People and River City Extension, both serving up generous, hearty folk. If that ain’t your thing, Tigertown do popsicle-indie-stuff? Thank goodness they sound better than their horrendous album artwork.

Next up is The War on Drugs, but if i’m quick, Los Campesinos! will be bringing down the manic on the main stage and i’ll catch the end of that.

The Dandy Warhols is a must followed by Silversun Pickups, not much competition there.

This is where it gets messy.
The Black Angels were one of the biggest draw-cards, and you can’t miss them. But depending on how hypnotised i am,  i might duck away 1 song earlier to see if Cake close with Short Skirt/Long Jacket, surely they will right? Don’t lecture me about being one of ‘those guys’. AND THEN, run to Beirut.

I think my friends will wanna see Ben Folds Five, but Chromatics might tempt me to stop at the Big Red Tractor Stage along the way. Then it’s the abominable, but inevitable, clash of Beck – Grizzly Bear – F**k Buttons. Priorities guys, All of Beck, end of Griz, FB next time.

As much as i love Santigold, Sigur Ros will round out Harvest 2012 for me.

Disagree with any decisions? Let me know and comment below!




Housekeeping – Apology / Snacks to Bide You Over

Just when i was building some consistency, i fold like a Ben.
I’m a current victim of the end-of-semester student serial-butt-head. But i’ll be back and regular in a few days time, with a frequency that could heat your food with questionable safety.

In the mean time, here’s a few special treats i picked up from the servo just for you:

Breakbot feat. Irfane – 1 Out Of 2

My ben-friend Ben (not Folds, he’s not a folder, in fact he hates folders, he’s more of a binder-kinda-guy) introduced me to the deadly Breakbot – Irfane combo one night and i swear i didn’t poop for a week, in a good way. I think it was because everything inside of me wanted to keep listening to Baby I’m Yours, including my fecal matter.

Well they’re back and so’s the Metamucil. Disco-droppin’, Club-bangin’, Romp-pomp-a-chompn’ berry-bliss-balls.

R.L Jones – Everybody wants to be your friend

Sound Doctrine were kind enough to share this beaut; Rohin Jones from Middle East fame has released a Kurt-Viley, The War On Drugs-ish, poppy-er, track and i don’t care what you say- i’m double dipping.

Speaking of The War on Drugs and Ben Folds and not pooping, Harvest got announced this week!

Again, poaching quality over quantity, they’ve nabbed Beck, Sigur Rós, Grizzly Bear, The Black Angels, The Dandy Warhols, Beirut, Santigold and some other cool dudes. Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane is oddly high on the bill as well, either my perceptions of musician’s status is out of whack or maybe it was like a condition of playing- own trailer and ego-massaging 3rd spot on bill.

And i also got you a curly-wurly :)