Dig it: Blue Meanies by OPOSSOM

2 geniuses for the price of 1, and for free (thanks internet).

1st genius – OPOSSOM is the honey from ex-Mint Chick- Kody Nielson, Michael Logie, and what Wikipedia is telling me Bic Runga? Really? The Nielson womb must have been lined with sheet music, cause OPOSSOM is gonna sweep through 2012 in the same way that Kody’s brother Ruban did with Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Nielson Creative Dynasty.

2nd genius – Sam Kristofski’s visual feat of nature is everything great about the world, but to narrow it down a bit, it’s everything you want in a music video.
1. Story. Why would a band with any creative pulse ever want a video of them playing when you could have this! A bewildering, conquering and utterly engrossing story! I’m on my 12th view now, still hooked on Mr Kristofski’s abilities to leave us in the dark about so much and still be coherent. Post video questions – who are the good guys? who are the bad guys? who is in pursuit? why is a buddhist (is it buddist?) statue turning people into lions? where did he get that jacket? why are him and listerine girl in cahoots, trading lions for crystals?
2. Compliments the music, akin to the way a rug compliments a room- especially if the rug is made out of furious, holographic diamond energy and the room is actually outer space.
3. Delectable Aesthetics.
4. Attractive people.
5. 3D obsession