Dig It: Best Coast – The Only Place

Ocean, babes, sun, waves- these are Beth Cosentino’s selling points for the fine state that is being lovingly embraced on the album cover. And that’s what The Only Place is; a fuzzy, warm, endearing bear-hug / a continuation of Best Coast’s love affair with sunny, happy-go-lucky Californ-i-ay! 

While the themes of Crazy For You have carried on (y’know, boyfriends, girlfriends, that’s pretty much it), the opening riff immediately reveals a polished, cleaner sound without straying into over-produced. It remains defiantly Best Coasty, just with its hair washed.

Here’s a nibbly track-by-track run down. I’ve emboldened the gateway songs.

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Dig It: Beach House – Bloom

I’ve been strapped for time recently, i had a bad case of ‘I’ve-gotta-watch-every-episode-of-The-Wire-despite-my-workload-because-i’m-a-stupid-fool’. My GP said it’s going around. So you’ll have to deal with a fun-size review because Avon Barksdale ain’t gonna put himself in jail you mope!

Weird coincidence- The Wire is Baltimorean and Beach House are Baltimoreanese as well! (Pedestrian pointed that one out). Like The Wire, Beach House are just a cut about the rest-
You’re Dani and they’re Kylie.
You’re smarties and they’re M&Ms.
You topped the class, but they teach the class, and turn’s out they marked it wrong and they topped the class as well, and they drive a cool car, and they can probably run faster than you as well. But they don’t have to because of said cool car.

Bloom is their new child, but unlike most parents that give up by their fourth, Victoria and Alex have primed and groomed Bloom into delightful, well-mannered playmate for your vile spawn- why can’t you be more like Bloom!

If Teen Dream was an album for teenagers to make-out too, then Bloom is an album for teenagers to mistakingly make babies too. The kisses linger longer, the lights are dimmer, the parents aren’t home, and the devastatingly seductive Bloom is poking holes in your condoms.

Reasons why Bloom is so bloomin’ good (haha I’m funi)
1. Darker, Sleeker, Sexier- like a jaguar made out of tar, but in a sexy way. No, i’m not sure either.
2. It’s not an album of singles but i keep on coming back to New Year. While being one of the longest tracks on the album, it grips your attention so tightly you let out a little whimper. The part where Ms Legrand comes in with “all i wanted comes in colours” is my favourite 6 seconds on the album. I want to bottle that six seconds and make a fragrance out of it. I’m well and truly addicted, coming back for hit after hit, and sooner or later i’m gonna OD and Wee-Bey is gonna roll me up in a rug and put me in a dumpster.

3. Every other track- they’re all swoony, woozy, nostalgia-cakes. It doesn’t stray far from the fold of previous efforts, but on every further listen, as your head sinks deeper into the pillow, another subtlety comes to light. There’s more hooks on Teen Dream, and maybe even Devotion, but Bloom has an irrefutable charm and depth to it.
4. Producer Chris Coady has his grubby finger-prints all over the place. I mean this in the best way possible.
5. Perfect album artwork. They went with this design because if you stare at it for 20 seconds and then stare at a white wall, it says ‘beach house 4eva’. Spots are in too.

The album is streaming over here, listen and love.