AUSHOWCASE: Bored Nothing

The dream of the 90’s is alive in Portland! And also in Bored Nothing’s organ of fire (just watched The English Patient and i’m Natalie Imbruglia Torn – part of me thought the film was quite b-e-a-utiful, and the other part of me HATES (not as much as Elaine) being positioned to look favourably on adultery- hmmm, bit too heavy for this blog, cheer up with this!).

Back to the showcase of talent i’m proud was birthed in the same nation i call home! Bored Nothing is the hobby-craft of Melbourne dude Fergus Miller who grabbed a 4-track off ebay and swathed himself in a Heatmiser/Sonic Youth/Red House Painters cocoon. Talking to Miller he admitted that he in fact fashioned a medallion similar to that of the AURYN out of flannel, tazos and leftover-hair-trimmings from mushroom-bowl cuts. This amulet leeches off the strength of Malkmus, Moore and Mascis and feeds Miller a borderline-lethal dose of 90’s juju.

Look, this stuff is good. Reaaaaaal good. Zan Rowe tends to think so as well if my opinion doesn’t hold the gate-keeper validity you desire.
Only Old effortlessly lures you in like a cartoon-pie-scent, with it’s coy electric licks. Miller’s voice compliments it perfectly, it’s the kind of compliment you want your best friend to give your girlfriend- really nice, but not too nice, not like ‘back-off nice’. And then the fuzzball, lo-fi chorus rips in and you have a new favourite song.
Charlie’s Creek is another stand out- it’s dripping wet with the body fluids of Elliot Smith; Miller’s influences are clear and impeccable.

Other tracks take longer to curl around your ear-buds, but eventually fall into place. 2 conclusions: Fergus needs to get a live band together because to not play this stuff, and hear this stuff, and experience this stuff in a live setting would be a waste. Fergus makes really crappy (but forgivable) album artworks.

Here’s an interview where Fergus actually gave me permission to ‘edit the shit out of it and take things out of context to make me sound like an ass.’ Brave.
It’s long for internet-adhd standards, so i’ve emboldened all the snips i thought we’re the most interesting.