If i’ve put up some media that you own and would rather i didn’t, before you put your lawsuit on- send me an email on jholmes.media@gmail.com and i’ll take it down.

James Holmes: Newborn-foal-journalist, talent gleaner, murray-esq band manager and all-round moocher. This is my practice space for bigger things, e.g Writing Olympics, Writing Paralympics, creative court appeals.
Endure the nonsensical blabbering and spelling mistakes for the underwhelming-flavour-combos and crude puns.


I’ve noticed that there seems to be a lack of critical blogging, even in my own writing. I’ll often favour writing about something i lurvvve, rather than something i can’t stand. Sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind, remember that when i unleash opinionated-jerk hulk. This space is reserved for pessimism.

More an opportunity for a good portmanteau than anything. Putting all the homegrown talent on display in the pool room for your easy accessibility. Blinky Bill.

Dig It (Albums, Singles, Music Videos, Movies, Whatever man)
Stuff i’m diggin’, hot diggity dog, and want you to dig as well. Ya dig?

Gospel Gigs
Monthly good news herald for all the sweet n spicy events around ol’ Sydney Town.

List for Life

Live Reviews – pretty self explanatory ain’t it? I go to the show, you pipe down and listen.

The stuff that doesn’t fit in, like you, nerd.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Fan-ripping-tastic. Your reviews are cleverly coaxing, I actually read through the whole thing instead of getting bored and distracted, maybe include listening tabs?

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